It is the goal BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project to provide correct and unique information about the biotope research and biotope aquarium set-ups to aquariums lovers, professionals, schools and universities but also to pet shops and industry.


from BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project team to our private supporters, who believe in the potential of our initiative and support our start-up:

  • Jeffrey Stackhouse
  • Ardiel Z. Quintana-Alemán
  • Pawel Lukasz Kocik
  • Francesco Vitolo
  • Kollayil Ramakutty Pushpangdan
  • Christopher Fält
  • Sol Timcke-Wallwork
  • John Mitchell
  • Udo Rohmann
  • nccp36
  • Adam Akers
  • Franz Scheifinger
  • Arsenio Caldeira Baptista Junior
  • Tanveer Syed
  • Steven Hornik
  • Michael Helford
  • Oliver Frank
  • Kenneth Thye Ellenton
  • Jurica Sostar
  • Alice Banducci
  • Mark Liziczai
  • Jürgen Wülcknitz
  • Ed Prust
  • Rod Clayton

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