BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project is aiming to:

  • create an international platform with unique content offered in multimedia interactive form accessible to everyone! Photos, videos, articles, testimonials, expertise collected in over 50 years of research, adventure and travel through over 200 countries of the World
  • dedicate a special section to younger generation in order to make them understand the importance of freshwater habitats and everything what lives in it. By transmitting a vision of how the aquatic environments really look like under the waters surface. Using an interactive and easy way: the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Application
  • elaborate and make public Heiko Bleher’s Archive in order to preserve the knowledge about aquatic habitats, both those that have disappeared and those we can still safeguard for future generations
  • bring all aquarium fans together, to one meeting place 100% dedicated to BIOTOPE AQUARIUM passion
  • bring together experts sharing their knowledge and advice. There are professional aquarists sharing their practical experience, photos and videos
  • share the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM set-up models of authentic biotopes from 5 continents – from Nicaragua to Australia, from Indonesia to Amazon. Based on GPS data and certified by Heiko Bleher and other renowned experts


What BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project is planning to accomplish?

The funds we receive will go to build the first international platform ever to promote BIOTOPE AQUARIUM and habitats of the world.

By January 2019 the first 50 BIOTOPE AQUARIUM set-up models from 5 continents will be accessible on platform. Each of them will include:

  • guidelines on how to decorate a BIOTOPE AQUARIUM based on its size
  • list and photos of fish species and plants that can peacefully live together in that specific BIOTOPE AQUARIUM
  • suggestions for alternative fish species, in case there is the possibility to replace a rare species with a more common one, or to add more species to a programmed set-up (options for bigger tanks/public aquariums)
  • water parameters in each habitat
  • research and documentation of the original habitat, mostly accompanied by GPS data
  • list of the fish species and plants from each collecting spot with detailed photos and comments on biology
  • a description of the field expedition with remarks on history, ethnology, political situation, and environmental condition of the area

By June 2019 we are planning to launch BIOTOPE AQUARIUM application for smartphones.

And many other steps are to come.

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