Who is behind the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project?

The BIOTOPE AQUARIUM movement is growing worldwide.

Why? Because the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM is a natural and unavoidable step in the development of the aquarium hobby. Worldwide.

The BIOTOPE AQUARIUM has unified the artistic perfection of Aquascaping with unconditional scientific research. It combines an aesthetic beauty with documentary expression of Nature. Nature that can be gone in no time.

Modern aquarists all around the globe are becoming aware of the fact that the places our fishes and plants come from are disappearing.

The world is changing at an incredibly fast rate.


The answer is obvious and not new: We, humans, are destroying the very basics of our life –freshwater habitats. All around the globe. Not very smart, right?

So, what can we do?

We need to change our approach. Our minds. All of us. By educating people, starting with the youngest, about the importance of conservation of freshwater. And everything what lives in it. This is the long term plan.

But before it is too late we need to research and document every single freshwater habitat in detail. This is the short term plan.

There are people who have been doing this job for decades. Very few people. They travel all around the globe doing their amazing research, sticking their nose in every water body, searching for fishes, plants, crustaceans, photographing them in every detail, documenting every form of aquatic life.

HEIKO BLEHER is one of those – Indiana Jones of aquatic habitats. A legend of AQUARISTICS. On his account are more then 200 countries. And a huge ARCHIVE – photos, videos, publications, with enormous historical value, which he generously donated to BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project.

But there is more – Heiko Bleher is the 3. generation of the German family with very long engagement in the aquaristics and freshwater exploration. One of the reasons he called to life the new direction in the hobby called BIOTOPE AQUARIUM, supported by many extraordinary people.

The BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project is promoted and partnered by great scientists, prominent ichthyologists, and biotope experts like:

Olga Baranovska, Ucraine

Heiko Bleher, Italy

Heiko Blessin, Germany

Philippe Chevoleau, France

Hudson Crisanto, Brazil

Hans-Georg Evers, Germany

Flavio Lima, Brazil

Chris Lukhaup, Germany

Ivan Mikolji, Venezuela

Evgenia Moiseeva, Russia

Michael Salter, Canada

Greg Wittstock, USA

Interviews can be found on

Everyone is invited to join the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Community on Facebook! See you soon!

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