The CIPS 2018 ended last Sunday and was certainly the largest recent aquatic shows on earth, besides being the largest Asian pet Fair, almost like the world famous Interzoo in Germany.

Under the banner of our amazingly growing BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project me and my international collegues have been invited to judge at the 1st International Biotope Aquarium contest in China (CBAC).

I also had the privilege to decorate a 250x80x80 biotope correct aquarium for Hemigrammus bleheri (Rummy nose tetra).


The aquatic show of the exhibition took place in Hall 9.1, one of the 10 gigantic halls of CIPS 2018. Thousands visitors came to see the Biotope Contest co-sponsored by TROPICAL and Aquababie, and Aquascape Contest with very active Esther Mous from AquaFlora.

Many aquarists have confessed that they have decided to step into the biotope aquaristic and will definitely participate to the CBAC 2019. Next show is taking place in Shanghai on 18th November 2019.

Under the Biotope Aquarium contest, the 10 best were given amazing prices, beautifully sculptured trophies, next to many other presents and money prices.


The show was a great success! I see forward to the next Biotope Aquarium contest in Shanghai in 2019 and am sure that the biotope concept is booming as nowhere else on the globe. Everyone wants to do it!

On Monday October 1st, accompanied by young girls and boys, we went to a mountain creek, high up, where I found 10 species in tiny running water over rocks. These children have also found 2 species and learned so much in a single day.

What can one want more in life…

Heiko Bleher

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bap-app.pngBIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project (BAp) wishes to introduce the members of the team working on the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Platform:

  • Paolo Cattani – Simulation Expert and Digital Artist
  • Stefano Cozza – programmist and administrator of relational databases.
  • Webmaster Green Web

On Facebook we have created the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Application working group.

20 members will help to shape and test the new website/app.

Every Biotoper is welcome to participate. Contact us on:

Thanks again to all our supporters and sponsors and we look forward to working together!



Dear Biotopers and Nature lovers,

You could think that the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project team took a short pause after we reached our goal in the crowdfunding campaign.

But you would be wrong!

Just a few days back we have finally defined the structure of the future BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Platform and we’ll start working on it in September, in order to get it finished by January as we announced on our demo-website and social media.

Once again we wish to thank our official sponsors:








And above all, have a look to the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project crowdfunding, as it is stil ACTIVE on EVERYONE who is still interested, can have a look, read there about the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project and SUPPORT it.

Follow our social channels on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram to get ALL the updates.

And keep on biotoping!


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Do you know that Heiko Bleher, front figure of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project and THE EXPERT of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project is the Managing Editor of the scientific magazine called aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology. For almost 25 years!

aqua is an international journal which is fully refereed and publishes original scientific articles in the fields of systematics, taxonomy, bio-geography, ethology, ecology, and general biology of fishes since 1994.

For several years aqua was keeping one of the leading positions for the number of the new species described! Look at the Review of Indo-Pacific coral reef fish systematics by Gerald R. Allen based on time spane of 1980 to 2014.

And guess who is on TOP? Leading journals for new coral reef fish descriptions are:

  1. Aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology 160
  2. Zootaxa 117
  3. Indo-Pacific Fishes 101
  4. Revue franc¸aise d’Aquariologie Herpe´tologie 99
  5. The Beagle (No. Territory Museum Arts and Sci.) 82
  6. Records of the Australian Museum 45
  7. Bull. National Mus. of Nature and Science (Japan) 40
  8. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology 39
  9. Copeia 38
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BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project wins InDemand

Dear BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project supporters, some great news about our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to support the first BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Database.

The campaign is ended and WE REACHED OUR GOAL! Went even further: we had 170% of support.

For this reason, Indiegogo AWARDED us with an EXTRA FUNDRAISING WINDOW of 6 months, where all our supporters can help us even more to finalize specific tasks, such as:

  • task nr 1: creating of the database structure
  • task nr 2: testing of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM AApp
  • task nr 3: digitalising Heiko Bleher’s analog archive
  • task nr 4: creating the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM App Kids
  • and many more

Thank you to everyone.

Spread the word and continue to support BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project!

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Our fundraising campaign is coming an end and we, BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project team, wish to thank our supporters and sponsors who believe in our unique initiative:

to build DATABASE based on enormous archive of famous freshwater explorer Heiko Bleher 100% dedicated to BIOTOPE AQUARIUM!

These people and companies are the firsts who have contributed to make the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM DATABASE real!


  • Jason Heller
  • Ardiel Z. Quintana-Alemán
  • Pawel Lukasz Kocik
  • Sebastiano Rapisarda
  • Stanislaw Pac
  • Jeffrey Stackhouse
  • Kamil Hazy
  • Michaël Dimech
  • Francesco Vitolo
  • Hudson Crisanto
  • Kollayil Ramakutty Pushpangdhan
  • Christopher Fält
  • Saskia Kiefer
  • Frank Tinnes
  • Claudia Dickinson
  • Yi-Kuan Chang Chien
  • Sol Timcke-Wallwork
  • John Mitchell from Lothian Fishkeepers
  • Roy Caruana
  • Udo Rohmann
  • Adam Akers
  • Adrian Dragos
  • Franz Scheifinger
  • Siegfried Gutekunst
  • Arsenio Caldeira Baptista Junior
  • Tanveer Syed
  • Lars Thuesen
  • Kirill Dmitriev
  • Steven Hornik
  • Matteo Spada
  • Jeroen Vanhooren
  • mhelford
  • Oliver Frank
  • Kenneth Thye Ellenton
  • Jurica Sostar
  • Alice Banducci
  • Mark Liziczai
  • Dmitry Egerev
  • Adi Călin
  • Philip Cortesi
  • Markku Varjo



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One of perks is the amazing trip to the Mavicure Mountains which are an impressive natural attraction and very interesting to do trekking.

Two of our friends Lars Thuesen from Denmark (

AquaWIldLife_Logoand Kirill Dmitriev from Moskow ( They are located less then one day by boat up the Río Inírida from Puerto Inírida, Colombia. This place is also called El Remanso and it is a wonderful landscape with very impressive rock formations.

Many undescribed loricariids are still out there, so that during our last trip in November-December (2009) Heiko Bleher was able to find several new species and some unknown to the aquarium hobby like Pseudolithoxus dumus (Armbruster & Provenzano, 2000), very rarely seen but beautiful loricariid that inhabits the rocky areas near El Remanso. In the small affluents are found other fishes like Apistogramma aff. personata, Crenicichla cf. nothophthalmus.

ONLY 9 DAYS ARE LEFT TO RAISE FUNDS to create BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Platform with an integrated interactive multilingual BIOTOPE AQUARIUM App.

We hope You will contribute to make BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project real. Everyone is invited to support BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project on

tropical-gel  – official sponsor of BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project

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Many of you wish to give your Apistogrammas the biotope correct aquarium.

Using our BIOTOPE AQUARIUM App as visual and educational support it will be easy to learn about the natural habitat of your fishes and to have a practical guide with precise steps on how to re-create such natural habitat in your aquarium.

To give your fish the HOME where they will feel well and show their natural behaviour.

Have a look at the preview of our BIOTOPE AQUARIUM App to have an idea how the information below will be presented on the future App.

And support us on

Location of colletion: The Apistogramma sp. 1 and sp. 2 were collected by Heiko Bleher in the upper reaches of the Igarapé Miguel (location 6), Lago Jari, Brazil.

Water types, chemical parameters, temperatures and biotope: In the Apistogramma habitat, full of leaves and branches, was on 3.11.2007 at 16:00 the pH 5.61; conductivity 14 µS/cm; water temperature 27.3 °C, water colour black; easily flowing through a light, sandy soil ground. There was no aquatic vegetation.

Behavior: This dwarf cichlid were in very shallow leafy shore regions were Heiko Bleher also found many small characoids such as Iganodectes sp., Hyphessobrcon sp., Copella sp., Moenkhausia cf. colletti.

Like many other Apitsogramma species also this one is ideal for small aquariums and should be given a biotope correct decoration. Some driftwood, leafs and a small rocky cave, which is ideal for their egg disposal.


official sponsor of BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project

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VAMPIRE CATFISH – members of the family Trichomycteridae have a bad fame because they feed by sucking blood from the gills of larger fishes.

3 different species live over sandy ground in Rio Yavari: Vandellia sanguinea, which had just sucked the blood from another fish; Pseudostegophilus nemurus; and Henonemus cf. triacanthopomus.

Together with other fishes like Ctenobrycon hauxwellianus; Moenkhausia cf. intermedia; Hemidoras stenopeltis; and Pimelodella cf. altipinnis often just grazing, almost invisible, over the bottom or buried in the sand.

Every fish (over 30 species) collected in this precise location is registered in our archive with correct name, date, location (GPS), habitat description, water parameters.

This information will be offered in form of the multilingual smartphone application – BIOTOPE AQAURIUM App – to the aquarists in order to give them the research tool to understand the elements of this ecosystem and help them to create the correct biotope aquarium.

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