BAP App – location preview

Dear Biotopers!

BAP App is jorney into the unexplored locations to discover the natural biotopes and their inhabitants.

In this BAP screenshots is presented the preview of how you can find a specific location on the map, the Rio Jufaris, and learn which datas, fishes and plants live in here.

Our next posts will show how with the BAP models you can build your own Biotope Aquarium!

Keep on biotoping

and thank you for your patience!

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Dear Biotopers,

some more details regarding BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Platform: here is BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Module. This part gives the possibility to EVERYONE to share its own biotope aquarium including descriptions and photos with the worldwide comunity of biotopers and to connect it to precise GPS DATA and original habitat documented in Nature.

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The BAp staff.

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Interactive DATABASE

Dear Biotopers,

we are done with an important part of the new BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Platform – interactive DATABASE. This part gives the possibility to EVERYONE to share his own biotope research and photos with the worldwide comunity of biotopers and to connect it to precise GPS DATA.

GET READY! We are working on the interface of BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Platform!

More details will come soon.

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The BAp staff.

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Meet the EXPERT

Dear Biotopers,
here we are again with more news about the new BAp website and its functions:
our Experts Page, through which you will be able to have access to the top experts advices about Biotope Aquariums (BA) and Biotopes In Nature (BIN).
They will be available to connect with you in one-to-one sessions, answer your questions about your own aquariums, solve problems, give suggestions both technical and scientific. And advise you on how to have an healthy and wonderful Biotope Aquarium!
They will also give their comments on BAs (Biotope Aquariums) presented in our database and vote the top BAs.
More details will come soon.
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Biotope Aquarium. Educated by Nature.
The BAp staff.

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BIOTOPE AQUARUIM Project (BAp) – work in progress

Happy New Year 2019 to all Biotopers!

We are back after a long silence, due to our continuous work on the BAp (BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project), proud to share with you a few slides showing the dynamics and the work in progress.
It isn’t an easy task, you can bet!

We’re building the biggest Biotope Aquarium Database EVER created, thanks to the unique experiences of the Biotope in Nature (BIN) greatest explorer, Heiko Bleher.

Can you imagine that Heiko collected +10.000 Biotopes in Nature (BIN) in his +50 years experience?

And we are going to share it with you! Each of them could become a great Biotope Aquarium thanks to the BAp!

In the slides, you can see the preview of some our home page drafts.
A first release of the Biotope Driven Navigation Map, in addition to some detailed information about a specific location, the Ifanten Lake. Many more will come.

You can preview the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project description page.

Once again, it’s the first draft of a very complex project, that we are sure will be useful to each biotope aquarium lover!

And if you wish to be the first to know more about the BAp, just click here and subscribe to our newsletter ( Just enter in the loop and keep on biotoping!

Biotope Aquarium. Educated by Nature.

The BAp staff.

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The CIPS 2018 ended last Sunday and was certainly the largest recent aquatic shows on earth, besides being the largest Asian pet Fair, almost like the world famous Interzoo in Germany.

Under the banner of our amazingly growing BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project me and my international collegues have been invited to judge at the 1st International Biotope Aquarium contest in China (CBAC).

I also had the privilege to decorate a 250x80x80 biotope correct aquarium for Hemigrammus bleheri (Rummy nose tetra).


The aquatic show of the exhibition took place in Hall 9.1, one of the 10 gigantic halls of CIPS 2018. Thousands visitors came to see the Biotope Contest co-sponsored by TROPICAL and Aquababie, and Aquascape Contest with very active Esther Mous from AquaFlora.

Many aquarists have confessed that they have decided to step into the biotope aquaristic and will definitely participate to the CBAC 2019. Next show is taking place in Shanghai on 18th November 2019.

Under the Biotope Aquarium contest, the 10 best were given amazing prices, beautifully sculptured trophies, next to many other presents and money prices.


The show was a great success! I see forward to the next Biotope Aquarium contest in Shanghai in 2019 and am sure that the biotope concept is booming as nowhere else on the globe. Everyone wants to do it!

On Monday October 1st, accompanied by young girls and boys, we went to a mountain creek, high up, where I found 10 species in tiny running water over rocks. These children have also found 2 species and learned so much in a single day.

What can one want more in life…

Heiko Bleher

#biotopeaquarium #biotopeaquariumproject #heikobleher #hemigrammusbleheri #rummynosetetra #cips2019 #cabc2018


bap-app.pngBIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project (BAp) wishes to introduce the members of the team working on the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Platform:

  • Paolo Cattani – Simulation Expert and Digital Artist
  • Stefano Cozza – programmist and administrator of relational databases.
  • Webmaster Green Web

On Facebook we have created the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Application working group.

20 members will help to shape and test the new website/app.

Every Biotoper is welcome to participate. Contact us on:

Thanks again to all our supporters and sponsors and we look forward to working together!



Dear Biotopers and Nature lovers,

You could think that the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project team took a short pause after we reached our goal in the crowdfunding campaign.

But you would be wrong!

Just a few days back we have finally defined the structure of the future BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Platform and we’ll start working on it in September, in order to get it finished by January as we announced on our demo-website and social media.

Once again we wish to thank our official sponsors:








And above all, have a look to the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project crowdfunding, as it is stil ACTIVE on EVERYONE who is still interested, can have a look, read there about the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project and SUPPORT it.

Follow our social channels on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram to get ALL the updates.

And keep on biotoping!


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  • Natasha Khardina
  • All Rights Reserved


Do you know that Heiko Bleher, front figure of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project and THE EXPERT of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project is the Managing Editor of the scientific magazine called aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology. For almost 25 years!

aqua is an international journal which is fully refereed and publishes original scientific articles in the fields of systematics, taxonomy, bio-geography, ethology, ecology, and general biology of fishes since 1994.

For several years aqua was keeping one of the leading positions for the number of the new species described! Look at the Review of Indo-Pacific coral reef fish systematics by Gerald R. Allen based on time spane of 1980 to 2014.

And guess who is on TOP? Leading journals for new coral reef fish descriptions are:

  1. Aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology 160
  2. Zootaxa 117
  3. Indo-Pacific Fishes 101
  4. Revue franc¸aise d’Aquariologie Herpe´tologie 99
  5. The Beagle (No. Territory Museum Arts and Sci.) 82
  6. Records of the Australian Museum 45
  7. Bull. National Mus. of Nature and Science (Japan) 40
  8. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology 39
  9. Copeia 38
  • 2016©BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project
  • Natasha Khardina
  • All Rights Reserved

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