BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Fundraising update

Hi everybody!

A quick update on our crowdfunding campaign to support the creation of BIOTOPE AQUARIUM App to promote the concept of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM among adults and children.

34 to the end of the campaign, and we’ve already reached 51%!

Everyone is talking about the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project IN THE WORLD! From China to the USA, from Italy to Finland! It has been considered one of the most innovative projects of the year, capable of transforming a hobby like the love of fish and aquariums into a true study of the habitat and the environment!

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Aquatic research – an example

In 2010 Heiko Bleher did the #ichthyologic #research in every tributary of the lower Caquetá. This is what he found in the nameless Caño, near Caño Cordoba, lower Rio Caquetá.

biotopeaquarium-18_I was able to walk deep into it and found shallw areas and specially underneath such roots I knew I would find several characoids, where they hide and spawn during the

Under overhanging roots Heiko collected small characoids, like a very nice Nannostomus cf. digrammus, Nannostomus trifasciatus and a very nice Hyphessobrycon sp. 2, as well as a very small Hemigrammus sp. All these (and more) fish species were hidden below these roots – living only there. Those are perfect species for any Nano-aquarium. Real beauties.

Walking much deeper into this unspoiled flooded primary rain forest, a litte further Heiko Bleher found the biotope covered with millions of leaves – Apistogramma-land. Heiko found here Apistogramma cf. bitaeniata, different in colour. In this very shallow biotope, less then 10 cm deep, he also found Corydoras leucomelas. Another great beauty Heiko Bleher found here was Thoracocharax stellatus.

Interesting was the water here: clear, the parameters were pH 6.07, #conductivity 30 µS/cm and the #temperature 27.3 °C. Quite different from the white Caquetá.

Do you find this information useful?

On #BIOTOPE #AQUARIUM #Platform we are going to build you will find thousands of such habitat descriptions.

These will help you to create your BIOTOPE AQUARIUM and give your fish and plants the best home they could ever have.

Support our #intiative helping the hobbyists to step into the #BIOTOPE #AQUARISTIC!

Thank You in advance!


Private chat with Heiko Bleher!

Hi everyone!
For those who did not have a chance to visit the BIOTOPE AQUARUM Project campaign on we’d like to explain that we prepared a number of fantastic perks. One of them is the possibility to have a Private video chat/phone call with top biotope expert Heiko Bleher.

You will get his consulting and advices regarding your aquarium. An exclusive opportunity for private hobbyists, shops, industry and public aquariums. The BIOTOPE AQUARUM Project will be an online educational initiative designed to incorporate informations on authentic biotopes and educational innovations like the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM App.

Together we can make the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project real!
Thank you!

1.2.3.GO! – Crowdfunding launched!

BIOTOPE AQUARUM Project Crowdfunding Campaign goes live!

BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project is looking for support by aquarium hobbyists, professionals, industries, and scientists to build the FIRST INTERNATIONAL MULTIMEDIA PLATFORM dedicated 100% to the promotion of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM concept through aquatic research, conservation of freshwater habitats and education of the younger generation worldwide.

Help us to make the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project real!

Thank you!




1 day to the launch of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project!

Tomorrow is starting the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project Crowdfunding campaign! Our goal is to collect funds in order to build the 1st interactive multimedia platform that will allow everyone to virtually visit thousands of the remotest and most exotic places on planet Earth, from the tiniest creek in Papua New Guinea to the largest affluent of the Amazon, like here the Rio Xingu in Brazil.


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Thanks you so much!

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What are we planning to accomplish?

PLEASE SHARE – 3 days to the launch of the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project Crowdfunding campaign! The aim – the 1st interactive multimedia platform 100% dedicated to BIOTOPE AQUARIUM passion.


By January 2019 the first 45 BIOTOPE AQUARIUM set-up models from 5 continents will be accessible on the platform. Each of them will include:

– guidelines on how to decorate a BIOTOPE AQUARIUM

– list and photos of fish species and plants for specific BIOTOPE AQUARIUM

– suggestions for alternative fish species

– water parameters in each habitat

– research and documentation of the original habitat

– list of the fish species and plants from each collecting spot

– a description of the field expedition

Follow us on BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project FB-page and on BIOTOPE AQUARIUM FB-group and support the upcoming campaign on BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Crowdfunding campaign!

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Get ready! 7 days to the launch of the INDIEGOGO Crowd Funding Campaign to support the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project!

Do you know how to involve your child into the aquarium hobby? How to make the fish become competitive with electronic devices?


No matter where – lake, river, pond or even your beloved home aquarium.


And still today the visual support is important. The BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project is aiming to dedicate a special section to younger generation in order to make them understand the importance of freshwater habitats. And everything what lives in it. By transmitting a vision of how the aquatic environments really look like under the waters surface. Using an interactive and easy way: the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM App!

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How many people know what is BIOTOPE?

I guess most of us will be able to give more or less correct definition for this term. Referring to AQUATIC BIOTOPE, we are talking about a living space where many different organisms like fishes, shrimps, snails and plants are building a biological community. They interact and depend on each other. Like people. Like us.

This fascinating behaviour can be observed in the aquarium. If it is a BIOTOPE AQUARIUM.

Why? Because a BIOTOPE AQUARIUM is a closest replication of the natural environment. A micro-ecosystem created in your home. It is a perfect symbiosis between a scientific research and aquaristic passion! AUTHENTIC, UNIQUE, ALIVE.

In today’s industrialized and globalized world many aquatic organisms are struggling to survive in the wild. In the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM they have a chance.

Everyone can learn how to build a correct BIOTOPE AQUARIUM where fishes, shrimps and snails will show the most beautiful colours and their natural behaviour.

There are experts sharing their knowledge and advice. There are professional aquarists sharing their practical experience, photos and videos.

We invite everyone who is concerned about Nature and in particular about Freshwater, that is so important for all of us, to join BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project at

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