Our fundraising campaign is coming an end and we, BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project team, wish to thank our supporters and sponsors who believe in our unique initiative:

to build DATABASE based on enormous archive of famous freshwater explorer Heiko Bleher 100% dedicated to BIOTOPE AQUARIUM!

These people and companies are the firsts who have contributed to make the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM DATABASE real!


  • Jason Heller
  • Ardiel Z. Quintana-Alemán
  • Pawel Lukasz Kocik
  • Sebastiano Rapisarda
  • Stanislaw Pac
  • Jeffrey Stackhouse
  • Kamil Hazy
  • Michaël Dimech
  • Francesco Vitolo
  • Hudson Crisanto
  • Kollayil Ramakutty Pushpangdhan
  • Christopher Fält
  • Saskia Kiefer
  • Frank Tinnes
  • Claudia Dickinson
  • Yi-Kuan Chang Chien
  • Sol Timcke-Wallwork
  • John Mitchell from Lothian Fishkeepers
  • Roy Caruana
  • Udo Rohmann
  • Adam Akers
  • Adrian Dragos
  • Franz Scheifinger
  • Siegfried Gutekunst
  • Arsenio Caldeira Baptista Junior
  • Tanveer Syed
  • Lars Thuesen
  • Kirill Dmitriev
  • Steven Hornik
  • Matteo Spada
  • Jeroen Vanhooren
  • mhelford
  • Oliver Frank
  • Kenneth Thye Ellenton
  • Jurica Sostar
  • Alice Banducci
  • Mark Liziczai
  • Dmitry Egerev
  • Adi Călin
  • Philip Cortesi
  • Markku Varjo



  • 2016©BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project
  • Natasha Khardina
  • All Rights Reserved

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