One of perks is the amazing trip to the Mavicure Mountains which are an impressive natural attraction and very interesting to do trekking.

Two of our friends Lars Thuesen from Denmark (

AquaWIldLife_Logoand Kirill Dmitriev from Moskow ( They are located less then one day by boat up the Río Inírida from Puerto Inírida, Colombia. This place is also called El Remanso and it is a wonderful landscape with very impressive rock formations.

Many undescribed loricariids are still out there, so that during our last trip in November-December (2009) Heiko Bleher was able to find several new species and some unknown to the aquarium hobby like Pseudolithoxus dumus (Armbruster & Provenzano, 2000), very rarely seen but beautiful loricariid that inhabits the rocky areas near El Remanso. In the small affluents are found other fishes like Apistogramma aff. personata, Crenicichla cf. nothophthalmus.

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