VAMPIRE CATFISH – members of the family Trichomycteridae have a bad fame because they feed by sucking blood from the gills of larger fishes.

3 different species live over sandy ground in Rio Yavari: Vandellia sanguinea, which had just sucked the blood from another fish; Pseudostegophilus nemurus; and Henonemus cf. triacanthopomus.

Together with other fishes like Ctenobrycon hauxwellianus; Moenkhausia cf. intermedia; Hemidoras stenopeltis; and Pimelodella cf. altipinnis often just grazing, almost invisible, over the bottom or buried in the sand.

Every fish (over 30 species) collected in this precise location is registered in our archive with correct name, date, location (GPS), habitat description, water parameters.

This information will be offered in form of the multilingual smartphone application – BIOTOPE AQAURIUM App – to the aquarists in order to give them the research tool to understand the elements of this ecosystem and help them to create the correct biotope aquarium.

  • 2016©BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project
  • Natasha Khardina
  • All Rights Reserved

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