So says the sign when leaving La Paz, capital of Bolivia, in reference to the dangerous highway entering. And this is exactly our plan during the trip from La Paz in a 4×4, from 4500 meter high on the most dangerous highway on planet earth with its breath-taking sight surrounded by the dense jungle.

We will be going down to Sea level within 123 km distance only. Here we will check every river or creek we can locate. Many of them are full of aquatic vegetation – hidden oases in the middle of nowhere with amazing fish like this tiny blue shiny tetra. A real miniature fish of hardly 12 mm TL identified as Tyttocharax sp.

You will visit the Lake Titicaca – a gigantic inland sea which covers 8,000 square-kilometres and is with 3,856 metres above sea level (12,507 feet) the highest navigable lake in the world.

And explore its affluents where can be found some aquatic plant species like Hydrocotyle ranunculoides, which grows very well under water but makes floating leafs; Ludwigia sp. growing emers, as well as in the currant an Potamogeton sp.

It is always a challenge for follow the footsteps of some early explorers but with #HeikoBleher you will trace what they have found in remote areas, fishes which have never been seen a life and /or never been photographed in vivo. To be able to get a picture of what we have on our planet and hopefully bring some back alive to study them. Their behaviour, reproduction and, if possible, introduce them to the hobby.

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