Aquatic research – an example

In 2010 Heiko Bleher did the #ichthyologic #research in every tributary of the lower Caquetá. This is what he found in the nameless Caño, near Caño Cordoba, lower Rio Caquetá.

biotopeaquarium-18_I was able to walk deep into it and found shallw areas and specially underneath such roots I knew I would find several characoids, where they hide and spawn during the

Under overhanging roots Heiko collected small characoids, like a very nice Nannostomus cf. digrammus, Nannostomus trifasciatus and a very nice Hyphessobrycon sp. 2, as well as a very small Hemigrammus sp. All these (and more) fish species were hidden below these roots – living only there. Those are perfect species for any Nano-aquarium. Real beauties.

Walking much deeper into this unspoiled flooded primary rain forest, a litte further Heiko Bleher found the biotope covered with millions of leaves – Apistogramma-land. Heiko found here Apistogramma cf. bitaeniata, different in colour. In this very shallow biotope, less then 10 cm deep, he also found Corydoras leucomelas. Another great beauty Heiko Bleher found here was Thoracocharax stellatus.

Interesting was the water here: clear, the parameters were pH 6.07, #conductivity 30 µS/cm and the #temperature 27.3 °C. Quite different from the white Caquetá.

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