How many people know what is BIOTOPE?

I guess most of us will be able to give more or less correct definition for this term. Referring to AQUATIC BIOTOPE, we are talking about a living space where many different organisms like fishes, shrimps, snails and plants are building a biological community. They interact and depend on each other. Like people. Like us.

This fascinating behaviour can be observed in the aquarium. If it is a BIOTOPE AQUARIUM.

Why? Because a BIOTOPE AQUARIUM is a closest replication of the natural environment. A micro-ecosystem created in your home. It is a perfect symbiosis between a scientific research and aquaristic passion! AUTHENTIC, UNIQUE, ALIVE.

In today’s industrialized and globalized world many aquatic organisms are struggling to survive in the wild. In the BIOTOPE AQUARIUM they have a chance.

Everyone can learn how to build a correct BIOTOPE AQUARIUM where fishes, shrimps and snails will show the most beautiful colours and their natural behaviour.

There are experts sharing their knowledge and advice. There are professional aquarists sharing their practical experience, photos and videos.

We invite everyone who is concerned about Nature and in particular about Freshwater, that is so important for all of us, to join BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project at https://www.facebook.com/groups/biotopeaquariumgroup/

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  • 2016©BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project
  • Natasha Khardina
  • All Rights Reserved

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