• promotes the concept of biotope aquarium set-ups that simulate the natural habitat of the specific fish species. To replicate conditions of a certain lake area, creek or river habitat with its water type (chemical water parameters – if fresh, saline or brackish), its native fish, plant and invertebrate assemblage, the correct environment (décor) to represent a particular – often very small – real-world aquatic biotope, a biotope which today in nature is disappearing at an unseen speed, or has vanished already.
  • We invite leading experts with scientific skills, aquarists and nature lovers to join BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project in order to preserve aquatic nature for todays and for future generations.
  • It is the aim of BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project to make the general public aware of the most precious good we have on earth – FRESHWATER HABITATS. To educate young generations to appreciate the incredible aquatic beauty – if BIOTOPE CORRECT. And to enjoy the most beautiful and educational hobby on planet Earth.


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